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Westphal Appointed to AGFC

Gov. Asa Hutchinson appointed Bennie Westphal of Fort Smith to the Arkansas State Game and Fish Commission today.

Foundation Life Insurance Celebrates 60 Years

When Robbie Westphal opened Foundation Life Insurance Company of Arkansas at 109 North 6th Street in 1959, with his wife Betsy at his side, he was quite literally starting from the ground up. His father, Ben H. Westphal, gifted him the cash and office necessities (the family affectionately calls it the “$10 and a Stapler” story), and Robbie built a thriving company from those humble beginnings. Still in its original location, Robert Westphal & Company now employs 22 in the insurance, real estate, and oil and gas industry.

Giving It All Back: Investing in Children and Youth in Arkansas

The Robbie Westphal Family has long been known for their philanthropic activities in Fort Smith, western Arkansas and the state. Many of the company’s efforts are focused on children. “My family believes in giving back to the community. I have a philosophy: the first-third of your life you learn how to make money, the second-third you make it, and the final-third you give it all back”, says Bennie Westphal, president of the family’s business, which owns Foundation Life Insurance Company of Arkansas.